More Progress.

Back from a literal 24 hr flying visit home organise a house sitter, see both our work colleagues and do some domestic admin stuff.

As I walked into my work on Thursday morning the ICU nurse phoned to say Amanda would have the brain drain removed shortly and also be taken up to the general medical ward.

My sister in law was in Wellington for work, called in to visit Amanda and ended up holding her hand while they carefully tugged the thin tube from deep in her brain, no anesthetic, no sedative. That’s some serious sister in law bonding!

They called me again at three as I was on the way to the airport to say she’d had a shower and was on her way up to the  neuro ward.
So when I arrived just after 5p.m. she was lying comfortably fresh and clean, a slight gash on her head and looked very relaxed.

Despite a busy day she stayed awake and alert the whole time we were there and she practiced clenching her first and wiggling her fingers. The only machine she is connected to is the one drip feeding high fibre sludge through her nose as the diabetic nurse had already visited and modified her diet to sort her blood sugar out, driven haywire by the high energy nosefeed.

Today, (Friday), the nurse visited who will start weaning her off the tracheotomy from Monday. We also noted she moved her right arm a few times and wriggled her right toes when the nurse tested her reflexes. She also nodded in response to a question.


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