Thoughts running through my head…

Just been over to Wellington on the ferry to collect our car and after arriving back in Picton I’ve driven for 2 hours into the night.

This thought kept running through my head. I was desperate to get home so I could write it down…

Christmas, 1976 and it’s the Scouts and Guides Christmas party. Amanda and I had already been in the same class at school for several years, but that night I plucked up the courage and asked her for the last slow dance of the evening. I still remember the song (see below)


Fast forward 41 years. January 30th 2017. We were listening to a random 70’s playlist on Spotify. The song came on. I reminded her it was the first song we ever danced to and we had a kiss and a hug.

Two days later she disappeared.

As she dropped to the floor, both me and the paramedics realised what was happening and I’m certain I actually said ‘goodbye’.

But… I’m going to make sure the first song I dance to with the new version of my wife is the same one.

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