Movin’ on up…

I thought I’d get to the hospital early so I could help Amanda eat her lunch. But 12.45 was too late, she’d already eaten. However I saw on the whiteboard she was due to be transferred downstairs to the Rehab Unit at 1pm TODAY! – So I was there in time for that short trip and to be shown around and have the facilities explained to me.

As it’s Sunday there are only a small number of nurses working. The Physios will start on a plan tomorrow once Amanda has been visited by her new doctor..

This afternoon she was so busy moving her (good) left hand she almost missed that her right hand was also wriggling nicely. She is also able to move the toes on her right leg on command.

Now she is off the nasal gastric tube she is able to eat pureed food, which she did heartily at dinner time.

Today’s ‘aah’ moment was when i decided to brush her hair for her after dinner. She was smiling and I said “Why are you smiling? you’d do this for me if I was in your position.”  she said “Yes, because that’s love.”

Back to work for the first time in nearly 4 weeks for me tomorrow and a new routine from now on.

Into the rehab unit – home for the next 3 months…

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