Rehab, Day 4…

I went to the hospital this afternoon expecting to see the speech therapist but unfortunately they never arrived. However the assistant to the physio  said I should try and catch him as Amanda had a great physio session this morning.

A short while later he walked past and came into Amanda’s room. He said he is very pleased with her progress and she never complains and never gives up. He wanted to show me something so got Amanda to roll onto her right side. he then helped her to sit on the side of the bed, unaided. He said this took significant muscle and limb co-ordination which you and I take for granted.

He then got a low-backed chair and placed it at 90 degrees to Amanda’s left hand and asked her to stand up. She was able to pull herself to her feet while he gently supported her weak right leg behind the knee with his own left leg. She was able to let go of the chair and stand, unaided (although swaying a bit!) for a few minutes.

Later, laying on the bed she was rubbing her left leg against her right and saying she could feel the ‘weight’ of it but no sensation yet. She is, however able to move her right toes, ankle and raise it slightly from the knee.

This is only rehab day 4.

She has aphasia and has difficulty saying meaningful sentences, naming objects or remembering people and events, even from earlier in the day. This was caused by the location of her bleed. This does seem to be improviing very slightly each day but I need to speak to the speech therapist to find out how I should be approaching it. She knows *what* to say and can understand what is being said to her, but either the completely wrong words come out, or none at all. This also affects her ability to read.

Hopefully this can be worked on to improve her long term outlook.

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