A short visit home…

Walking continues to improve. No more wheelchair, no more frame, just a stick and as much practice as possible each day.


The occupational therapist continues to be ‘amazed’ at her daily improvements in showering and dressing.

The speech therapist is using the strength of the ‘strong’ side of Amanda’s brain ( the creative right side, not the damaged analytical left side). For example instead of giving Amanda instructions the therapist is just putting down the 4 scrabble tiles and letting Amanda work out they can spell ‘JOEL’ or ‘JESS’ for her self. This afternoon I tried a bit of an experiment to see if she still understood how to play noughts and crosses. Not only did she understand, she could see, after 3 moves the game was un-winnable!

The highlight of the week came today. After the brief car trip earlier in the week, her care team were confident enough to allow me to bring Amanda home briefly ( 4 hours) for some quality cat time, a bacon sandwich and a proper nap in a proper chair!

Exactly 2 months ago she sat in that exact position in the kitchen and told me she thought she was having a stroke. I never expected to see her back there so soon…

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