Sometimes, life just throws you a furball.

This week, it’s time to thank some of my work colleagues  who very generously gifted us a voucher for the online food delivery service My Food Bag .

The voucher allowed us to order meals for 4 nights a week, over 5 weeks. I waited until Amanda was home and settled before I signed up and claimed the voucher. There were unexpected and positive consequences…

Each week the food is a mix of frozen, chilled and dried goods. So it was good practice for Amanda to put it all away; remembering where stuff went and moving around the kitchen space.

When it came to preparing the meals, the supplied menu cards were a great way for her to practice her silent reading (remember, bizarrely, she cannot read aloud), and retrieve the correct ingredients from the right place. She was also able to follow the instructions and recommence learning how to, for example, slice tomatoes or chop mushrooms (one – handed, left- handed). This has all helped her reconnect with her passion – cooking.

Last weekend we tried a simple chocolate cake recipe (simple for my benefit!), and I was not surprised that so much of her instinctive skills and knowledge are still intact. The problem, which occurs in so many other situations, is just about remembering where things are in the house, or recalling the various steps in a procedure or process which, when they are daily, often mundane tasks, we all take for granted.

Also during the week, I was surprised to witness Amanda successfully negotiating our three back steps. Previously she has needed help to step from the last step, onto the concrete drive, as there is nothing to hold onto. She has been stepping into an unsupported void. This time around, she grasped the porch support pole and stepped down all three steps and onto the drive, unassisted.

The physio has supplied a splint with four velcro straps, which hold her right wrist and knuckle joints in place for short periods and stops the muscles involuntarily contracting  –  spasticity

Hopefully over time, the muscles will ‘learn’ to relax by themselves and her hand will take on a more natural pose and also become easier to control.

The occasional confusion with spoken words still occurs on a regular basis, hence the title of this week’s blog. Commenting on her situation, and reflecting her ongoing positivity with her current situation, she said earlier this week;

“Sometimes life just throws you a furball.”



  1. Thanks Matt. It is hard reading this heartfelt and savage without feeling an aching in the heart. I don’t know Amanda as well as many people who are on this journey but there is a huge amount of love here. Your honesty and integrity is what nobles and knights are made of. Aroha nui


  2. Matt and Amanda this is so good to read all these positive steps you are both making. Matt, you write in such a positive way and are obviously so caring and patient and everything Amanda needs. We are both thinking of you a lot and talk about you. Lots of love Judith and Pete x


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