Groundhog Year!

Nearly 10 months post – stroke and there are still daily improvements.

Subtle, but perceptible.

More neurons are firing on an increasing basis, and there seems to be a cumulative effect. Once a door opens it remains firmly open.

So, there are now elements of pre-planning going on – For example pre-filling the kettle in the morning so it’s ready for the mid morning cuppa.

We watched a documentary on the 90’s. There was an item on the first Gulf War and a senior military figure came on screen.

‘Stormin’ Norman!’

It was.

Amanda cannot remember the 2 months prior to her stroke. That’s almost 12 months ago now. So weather – wise, season-wise and general atmosphere/ambience -wise,  now feels very similar to the same time last year.

The TV is repeating Master Chef from 12 months ago, and Amanda says she can remember it, Perhaps because all the circumstances around watching it are also the same?


This morning Amanda went for a pre-angiogram blood test. The nurse asked her to confirm her date of birth and, without hesitation she reeled it off. Correctly, for the first time in 10 months. Just to check, I asked her again in the car on the way home. Correct again.

“So that makes you?”

“Fifty three.”

Mental arithmatic sounds like its re-awakening at last…

These new milestones seem to be coinciding with… Spring and the warmer weather, the addition of a handful of cashew nuts to the daily diet, )good brain food apparently) and the creative ability to concentrate for over an hour at a time on the adult colouring book which is now a permanent fixture on the dining table.

Maybe the damaged, left side brain is getting a little jealous of all the attention the creative right side has been getting lately?




  1. For me the hardest bit initially was knowing what to do but my hand not doing it…eg..writing…signing my name…speaking


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