Eyes Right…

Sisters Sue & Liz are now on the first leg of their return journey to the UK after 12 days of visiting and helping hugely in Amanda’s recovery.



On both days at home this weekend she was able to make her own lunch and wanted to help with sorting out the washing and other tasks which, although mundane are huge physical and intellectual leaps for her at the moment.

My hunch on arranging a trip to Specsavers paid off. The optometrist confirmed some optic nerve damage which should improve, but also noted her prescription has actually improved! Her current glasses don’t help her distance vision and hence her depth perception when walking. She should also now be able to read clearly without glasses although still needs some persuading he is right and she is wrong on this!

New glasses which should help to convince her (and improve her quality of life) should arrive in around 10 days. The optometrist was superb. He totally understood stroke recovery and Amanda’s issues with not being able to accurately read a standard sight test. He improvised and took an hour to get her back on track while explaining a few eye exercises which will help as well.

But on the sublect of reading… first positive signs of this earlier this evening when looking at next week’s hospital menu. She said ‘Tuesday’ as she read it, making a connection for the first time with what her brain ‘sees’ and what her mouth actually ‘says’.

MRI scan tomorrow (Monday) afternoon, now her brain has healed enough to see if they can find out what actually caused the stroke in the first place.

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