Marmalade is the new jam…

Highlights this week have included an effective ‘all clear’ from the follow-up MRI scan which happened on Monday. They could find no cause; no tumours, lesions or aneurysms or anything to suggest it might ever happen again. So basically a spontaneous bleed.

Amanda’s new glasses arrived at Specsavers 3 working days (as opposed to the expected 10) after ordering. So she was able to test drive them at the weekend. As a result she has started using her ipad to read things like the news and pinterest. The only issue is trying to get her to remember her PIN!. I ended up diabling it.

She also began reading the Facebook posts I have been making on her account which I hacked (and which this blog is based on) but got a bit freaked out by the early ones when things looked a bit dire, so has stopped for now.

Earlier in the week she wrote out the complete alphabet with virtually no prompting. Movement (and more importantly;control) is also slowly starting to return to her right arm and hand.

She still has ongoing issues with choosing the right nouns though.
As an example she told me she made breakfast – toast – one day last week.
“Did you have anything on it?”
“What flavour jam?”
“No flavour, just jam”
“Not strawberry or raspberry or blackcurrent?”
“No, just jam”
“So just red jam?”
“No, it wasn’t red, it was just jam”
I thought for a moment…
“So it was…marmalade?”
“That’s the one, marmalade!”

We also tried today (Sunday) at home with her walking without the splint in her shoe which corrects her ankle and toe position when walking. She managed fine without it so hopefully the physios will agree that can go permanently this week.

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